Why Do We Roll Ice Cream?


There is a right way to do things...

Ever since we opened, we had a goal - to make a product that is fresh, fun, and tasty! Our mission is to create more than just unique ice cream. We want to give each customer an experience of purity in a hand crafted, fresh, and exceptional dessert. There is a right way to make products, and we strive to do that at Rolled Cold Creamery. 

“Life is made up of experiences - why shouldn’t dessert be one too?”
— Dante DiCamillo, Owner

The Products We Use

  • Fresh cream and lactose free milk from local distributors.
  • In house ice cream base made fresh every single day.
  • Coffee is from the amazing New Holland Coffee Company.
  • Tables and bars designed by Dante DiCamillo and made by local woodworkers and furniture shops. 
  • Vegan, almond based ice cream recipe that is dairy, gluten, GMO, and soy free.
  • Fresh baked goods from Bird-In-Hand Bakery.